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Aria's Services

  • Examine your past wireless bills with Clarity Now!TM
  • Examine your current bills every month with Clarity
  • Visual summaries and breakdowns of where your money went
  • See wireless billing errors immediately with Comfort
  • Breakdown of cost and use of voice, data, text and other services
  • Powerful charts and graphs on dozens of Interactive Dashboards
  • Shop the market for better plans with Control

Try These Interactive Dashboard Features

  • Sliders to change the time period you wish to examine
  • Print, email or download the chart or the data in the chart
  • Hover over columns to see details
  • Register to preview the Interactive Dashboards - its free!

Example Charts

  • Right: an example summary of an individual family's actual, personal use
  • Cost Over Plan is the amount of money you spent above your plan commitment and represents potential savings
  • Below: the detail of these unplanned costs and where the costs are: voice, data, text or other services
  • Download the charts to Excel, Powerpoint, PDF or as an image snapshot, print or email them... they are yours

Cost & Use Summary

Example Chart: Use based cost in wireless billing

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Unplanned Cost Breakdown

Example Chart: Cost Breakdown in wireless billing